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A proactive HVAC system analytics service that acts as a bridge into your building,

allowing the system data to be continuously monitored and analyzed.

Service Group
Temperature Controls
Equipment Serviced
Test Balance


Reduced costs.

Improved control of facility.

Proactive analyzation.

Extended HVAC equipment lifespan.





Kevin Armstrong

Test, Balance & Commissioning

Todd Cleghorn

Controls Manager

Donald Paunil

Controls Engineering

Todd Whitmer

Building Optimization Specialist

Combined 100 Years of HVAC Experience


Detailed Weekly Analysis and Reports

With easy to read and understand graphics:

  • Red: Problem area
  • Yellow: Room for improvement
  • Green: Operating efficiently - best of class 


How it works: Trend Analysis

Unoccupied facility. Mid-February Sunday afternoon in Northwest Ohio and outside temperature got above 50 degrees. Chiller outside air set point enabled at above 50 degrees. One of the secondary criteria settings was building humidity. And one of the building humidity sensors failed, reading 104%.

Electrical demand spiked when the chiller was enabled. DIBS Building Optimization Specialist alerted client to situation, faulty humidity sensor was replaced, and enable logic corrected.

Bottom line: worked, ultimately saving client future energy costs and reducing wear and tear on equipment.


Purple line is the set point

Green is the temperature

Red shows how the valve is continually adjusting to hit the set point

Here recognizes the system is out of control. A problem is identified as the Primary Steam Valve on this heat exchanger is "hunting" for a setting that will maintain the secondary loop temperature. These analytical tools ensure proper system control and reduce energy usage.



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