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Dunbar Mechanical’s Design/Build culture is our proven
advantage that provides
the best for your long term operation.

Industry records show the design/build approach is 33 percent faster and
6 percent more cost effective than the traditional method of construction.

cost effective mechanical contractingSome traditions must change!

Since Dunbar Mechanical went into business in the 1930s everything has changed. Dunbar is now at the cutting edge of construction methods, safety practices and communications to name a few. But many organizations remain tied to a traditional approach when it comes to organizing and managing projects. Is lowest price really lowest cost?


Your advantage with Dunbar’s Design/Build solution

In this approach, Dunbar takes the best of what we do and expands our role to reduce your risk. We become contractually liable for the success of your project in our Design/Build approach:

  • You sign just one contract—with Dunbar.
  • You stay involved as a team member throughout the project.
  • Dunbar leads the planning with the designer or design team
  • Shortest overall project duration possible.
  • Dunbar ensures all key contractors and suppliers are involved in the design.
  • Installation, maintenance and energy savings are built in.
  • You assume a low level of risk—Dunbar takes on the greatest risk.
  • You receive a guaranteed maximum price early.
  • Project performance ensured by Dunbar’s ISO 9002 certified project management process.
  • Industry records show the design/build process is faster and more cost effective than traditional construction.
  • Dunbar is entirely responsible for the projects success.


dunbar toledo cost effective mechanical contractingGet more with Dunbar’s Design/Build solution

Many contractors can claim design/build capabilities. Dunbar takes it to a new level in design/build with:

Superior Project Management
Our ISO certified processes prove it—you’re getting more with Dunbar. We have perfected out Project Management systems to control, manage, track and report all project details. Over 80 percent of the savings in every project is built in during Dunbar’s planning process. While planning is stressed at the beginning of every job it is actually a continuous process with routine schedule updates. Our systems can provide schedules in as detailed as 15 minute increments for exceptionally fast projects including shut-downs and change-over's.

Advanced cost control methods
Saving you time and money isn’t a by-product. It is the product. Our cost accounting methods are second to none in procurement, tracking, justification and forecasting. Tracking is a daily task with a commitment to providing itemized breakdowns of budget vs. actual vs. cost to complete reporting for your use. You will know where we stand on the project and have hard facts to use in your cash flow projections as well. Our accounting group provides all of this information to you on a real time basis.

Unprecedented project delivery
From initial planning to our production manufacturing process—right through to final punch-list close out, Dunbar’s project delivery efforts are unsurpassed. Just one part of our process is our Material Status Report which tracks equipment ordering and delivery dates plus the submittal process for reviews and approvals. This report documents Dunbar’s process which ensures nothing is overlooked as projects proceed. You can see your project before we build it through our CAD proficiencies and BIM processes. Dunbar’s Design/Build benefits continue in the outstanding work of our Fabrication facility AND, most importantly, in
your operation.


nw ohio cost effective mechanical contractingSo what are you really buying?

When you have Dunbar Mechanical take on your work through the design/build approach you are getting more free time to take care of your business and a realization of a faster return on your investment; you are getting cost savings and your return on your investment will be maximized; and you are getting more than a job well done and you won’t ever have to wonder if you made the right decision in choosing Dunbar.

There is no scale to weigh commitment or hourly rate for innovation. No price can be put on the value of a long-term relationship. Much of what we do at Dunbar Mechanical in our Design/Build work cannot be measured. And its greatest value is yours. This is not just about what Dunbar does, It’s what we are, how we work and, most importantly, it’s what’s in it for you: Time, money and more than a job well done.


Dunbar Mechanical, Inc. Commercial / Institutional Design/Build Experience

se michigan cost effective mechanical contractingInverness Club / Toledo, Ohio

  • Design/assist for HVAC and plumbing for renovation and addition to the historic clubhouse at this nationally known golf club.
  • Renovation of swimming pool support systems


The Toledo Museum of Art/Toledo, Ohio
Cooling Tower and Mechanical Room

  • HVAC and plumbing for the museum’s new Center For Glass building.  Substantial value engineering was provided.
  • Major renovation of several galleries including plumbing, HVAC and humidity control.


Westfield Franklin Park Shopping Center / Toledo, Ohio
Snow Melt System

Design/Build snowmelt system for parking garages. Dunbar was also a leading contractor on the addition to this major regional mall.


Hastings Schools/Michigan

Dunbar Design/Assist teamed with Chevron Energy Solutions to install two high efficiency boilers.  Additionally, Dunbar installed a small package boiler for an area requiring heat during non-traditional heating seasons.  Dunbar also re-calibrated all boiler burners for peak efficiency. 


cost effective mechanical contracting maumee bimSpringfield Local Schools/Ohio

Dunbar Design/Assist teamed with Trane for multiple energy savings projects as part of Trane’s performance contract for this campus that includes a high school, middle school, and elementary school.  Project included boiler and chiller replacements as well as an ice storage system.  Dunbar also self-performed replacement of the pneumatic temperature controls with Direct Digital Controls.


Napoleon Schools/Ohio

Dunbar Mechanical was part of a Design/Build team led by Chevron Energy Solutions to update mechanical equipment and improve energy efficiency.  The project included new elementary school boilers, new high school rooftop units, and new centralized direct digital controls.  Ten rooftop units had to be expedited to assure installation and operation before school resumed.

Careful planning was required to assure no occupancy during the air handler unit installation, and to ensure an efficient and safe removal and re-installation.  All old and new units were prepped prior to the lift date.  Two units were removed and replaced by crane prior to the helicopter arrival.  Eight units were removed and replaced by eight larger units in approximately on hour; only three days before school started.  The school had air conditioning when
school started.

design / build dunbar toledo dunbar design / build
perrysburg cost effective mechanical contracting mechanical design / build
cost effective mechanical contracting for toledo ohio

Dunbar Mechanical continues to have our customers’ needs in mind and provides best of class service. We are more than a specialty contractor; we are your contractor. Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your construction needs in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email We look forward to working with you soon.


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