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Dunbar Mechanical has completed more than $125,000,000 in Design/Build
and Design/Assist construction
for our healthcare clients.


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Healthcare Projects

Since 1990, Dunbar has focused on the Design/Build and Design/Assist Healthcare market. We have developed an office staff of six project managers/estimators with healthcare expertise. Dunbar also attracted and trained a cadre of 35 lead craftsmen who are dedicated to healthcare work.

Dunbar has developed and implemented special estimating, project management, planning, fabrication and construction processes specifically for the healthcare industry. These
processes include:

  • Scheduling practices that minimize staff and patient care disruptions.
  • Fabrication practices geared for hospital mechanical systems.
  • Special healthcare construction safety and infectious disease safeguards.
  • Extra attention to ICRA requirements and ventilation needs.
  • Unique understanding of healthcare mechanical equipment and mechanical systems.
  • Special attention to changing patient care philosophies and its impact on healthcare mechanical systems.
  • Streamlined medical gas installation, inspection, and certification process.
  • Extensive healthcare cost data base.
  • Communication processes that assure the healthcare client’s intent is fully understood in the design phase.
  • Presentation of options for informed client evaluation.

Dunbar’s desire to be your healthcare specialist coupled with our Design/Build culture provides unparalleled service for healthcare clients in Design/Build and Design/Assist projects.

Industry records show the Design/Build approach is
33 percent faster and 6 percent more cost effective
than the traditional method of construction.

Your advantage with Dunbar’s Design/Build solution
In this approach, Dunbar takes the best of what we do and expands our role to reduce your risk. We become contractually liable for the success of your project in our Design/Build approach:

  • healthcare design/buildYou sign just one contract—with Dunbar.
  • You stay involved as a team member throughout the project.
  • Dunbar leads the planning with the designer or design team.
  • Shortest overall project duration possible.
  • Dunbar ensures all key contractors and suppliers are involved in
    the design.
  • Installation, maintenance and energy savings are built in.
  • You assume a low level of risk—Dunbar takes on the greatest risk.
  • You receive a guaranteed maximum price early.
  • Project performance ensured by Dunbar’s ISO 9002 certified project management process.
  • Industry records show the design/build process is faster and more cost effective than traditional construction.
  • Dunbar is entirely responsible for the project’s success.

Get more with Dunbar’s Design/Build solution
Many contractors can claim design/build capabilities. Dunbar takes it to a new level in design/build with:

  • healthcare project managementSuperior Project Management – coupled with our healthcare expertise.
      • ISO 9001:2000 certified processes that cover all aspects of your project.
      • 168 documented and audited activities
      • Dunbar has completed years of multiple audits by an outside ISO Registrar with NO findings.

  • Advanced cost control methods
      • Cost tracking on a real-time basis.
      • Ability to track detailed cost on a budget vs. actual and vs. projected basis.
      • Cash flow projections available as part of the on-going planning and scheduling process.
  • Unprecedented project delivery – including:
      • Detailed cost estimates with options.
      • Continuous planning and scheduling.
      • Material and equipment tracking.
      • BIM/CAD.
      • Off-site production/fabrication of mechanical systems.
      • Minimized impact on staff and patient care.
      • Focus on “zero punch list” project completion.


healthcare planningSo what are you really buying?
When you have Dunbar Mechanical take on your work through the Design/Build approach you are getting more free time to focus on patient care as well as a faster return on your project investment.

There is no scale to weigh commitment or hourly rate for innovation. No price can be put on the value of a long-term relationship. Much of what we do at Dunbar Mechanical in our Design/Build work cannot be measured. And its greatest value is yours. This is not just about what Dunbar does, It’s what we are, how we work and, most importantly, it’s what’s in it for you: Time, money and more than a job well done.

Dunbar Mechanical continues to have our customers’ needs in mind and provides best of class service. We are more than a specialty contractor; we are your Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your construction needs in northern Ohio and Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email We look forward to working with you soon.



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