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Dunbar Mechanical utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) on our Healthcare projects.

See a 3-D version of your project before construction begins.


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Healthcare Projects

Dunbar's commitment to be your  contractor is illustrated well through our Building Information Modeling (BIM) system. (What is BIM?) When you build with Dunbar Mechanical, you benefit from our state-of-the-art services which are among the most progressive in the industry. Dunbar Mechanical was one of the first, and remains a leader, in implementing BIM technology.  Dunbar brings true value by working with you and your design team to ensure your concept is efficiently constructed. This systems approach allows us to completely serve your needs, from walking through the facility before it is built to providing you with 3-D “as built” drawings. Dunbar's BIM services guide the fabrication production process and later become a complete and accurate record for your ongoing operational reference. BIM is more than a technology at Dunbar. We have made it a process for project success, identifying and correcting discrepancies
before installation.

Dunbar Mechanical performs Building Information Modeling (BIM) utilizing AutoCAD® compatible 3-D modeling software, NAVISWORKS®. Dunbar Mechanical ties our BIM capabilities to our fabrication process, making this a valuable tool to bridge engineering vision with construction.

Using Dunbar Mechanical’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) system, you’ll get to see the layout before we begin. Additional benefits of BIM include:

  • healthcare building information modeling

    All systems including mechanical, electrical, security and fire protection, can be shown at the same time.
  • The ultimate end user as well as designers and the construction team can take a “virtual tour” through the facility to assure the systems are constructed in the preferred manner.
  • Identifying discrepancies and resolving interferences BEFORE  installation minimizes costly change orders and field delays.
  • "Build it once" mentality improves construction team morale
    and productivity.
  • Allows for integrations of cost and schedule data; mitigating risk, managing costs and speeding delivery.
  • Complete as-built drawings are available electronically and on paper for easy reference.

The experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical would be pleased to provide your company with a computerized demonstration of our building information modeling which is a key component of our service.


What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) means different things to different people. BIM can include a variety of
characteristics, including:

  • a more fully integrated project delivery method.
  • a 3-D model of portions of the project and/or the entire project.
  • a method of electronically sharing construction documents.
  • a method to efficiently assure systems will fit in the space allowed and detect potential system collisions.
  • A way to include the construction schedule and cash flow projections into the overall project plan.
  • An effective maintenance tool containing equipment data and as-built location information.

Dunbar Mechanical has already used BIM to implement these characteristics. Coupled with our team partnering culture and experience, Dunbar is uniquely qualified to participate in BIM projects.

Dunbar Mechanical continues to have our customers’ needs in mind and strives to provide best of class service. Dunbar Mechanical is more than a specialty contractor, we are your contractor. Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your mechanical contracting needs in northern Ohio and Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email We look forward to working with you soon.


How does BIM Help?


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