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We have perfected fabrication techniques for the healthcare industry.


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Through our manufacturing fabrication services, Dunbar Mechanical has THE way to ensure our healthcare clients provide the best possible patient care experience while also completing critical construction work. Completing your work in a controlled and optimal environment minimizes the impact to patient care, eliminates congestion at the project site and speeds construction completion. 

Multi-Trades Fabrication

The $355 million patient care tower which stands 275 feet tall and spans 13 stories is the largest healthcare project completed in Northwest Ohio history. With space for 462 private rooms, the tower design optimizes both the patient experience and medical methods. Construction crews optimized their performance through multi-trades fabrication, a concept Dunbar advocated for during early preconstruction planning.Traditionally, walls are built and all critical building systems (HVAC duct work, water piping, insulation, electrical wiring, etc.) are installed separately behind the drywall and above the ceilings. Through Multi-Trades Fabrication, an innovative process discussed in this Dunbar Mechanical Case Study, multiple disciplines work together offsite, manufacturing complete assemblies which are delivered to the jobsite and lifted into place. This process saved 2,820 manhours on this jobsite!

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healthcare construction work monroeOne critical element in Dunbar’s fabrication services is our BIM capabilities. Today it is common to hear the buzzword “BIM” (Building Information Modeling); however, Dunbar Mechanical has been drawing full 3-D models of our work since 1998. Doing this has increased our productivity, reduced schedule times, and ensured impeccable quality.  Dunbar Mechanical has designed our facility with a true manufacturing process in mind, removing all of the inefficiencies found in other work environments. The creativity and ingenuity our people have applied to our facility over the years has resulted in some incredibly specialized equipment to help us do what we do even better. When our trucks arrive at healthcare facilities people are often amazed. Everything from medical gas outlets and surgical sinks to water mains are prefabricated, bringing your facility online as efficiently as possible.

Dunbar Mechanical’s investments in our 70,000 sq. ft. facility bring maximum returns to your project – big or small.  The benefits of our operations in our fabrication facility include:

  • Decreased Cost through increased productivity from true manufacturing efficiencies
  • Greater return through increased quality
  • Quicker project completion through compressed schedule times
  • Deceased onsite storage since all possible construction is completed ahead of time
  • Increased site safety through fewer personal on site







moves your plan

from a healthcare

facilities project


patient care

more quickly,

with higher quality,

and lower costs.


For those who prefer the technical details, Dunbar Mechanical provides the following information on how we fabricate solutions to precise tolerance through:

  • Customized material handling labor saving devices
  • Automated, state-of-the-industry MIG, TIG, heliarc and submerged arc welding processes
  • Labor and material savings tee pulling processes
  • Vic-Eze equipment for precise and automated pipe grooving

Not simply a specialty contractor, Dunbar Mechanical has gone to great lengths to design our fabrication facility with manufacturing efficiencies for through-put, effectiveness and optimized workflow. We operate like a manufacturing plant to give you the customized parts you need when you need them. This is possible through Dunbar’s high-tech equipment that is customized for manufacturing work including roller stands, mobile tools/equipment, jigs and much more to support our skilled workforce.

Dunbar’s manufacturing plant is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Our assemblies will be built when and how we say they will be built. Dunbar Mechanical is ASME certified per section IX with the following stamps: “R,” “U” and “PP” for vessels. We also have an in-house weld inspector (CWI) who is certified by the American Welding Society and the American Society of Nondestructive Testing for Level II Visual Testing.

Dunbar Mechanical continues to have our customers’ needs in mind and strives to provide best of class service. We are not simply a specialty contractor, we are your contractor. Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your mechanical contracting needs in northern Ohio and Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at
419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email We look forward to working with you soon.


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