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Dunbar Mechanical provides an unparalleled commitment to safety in health care environments.


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At Dunbar Mechanical, safety is EVERYTHING. We understand there are special healthcare safety needs to minimize patient and staff risks. Our unparalleled commitment to safety ensures a safe project for you. Dunbar ranks among the top performers in safety and has earned both industry and client awards for safe performance. For more than 10 years, Dunbar Mechanical has had incident rates significantly lower than the national average.

The Dunbar Healthcare Difference

Dunbar's safety program is effective. We have over 2 million man hours on hospital and health care projects alone with:

  • NO Fines
  • NO Violations
  • NO Disruption of Patients or Staff
  • NO Missed Schedule Completions


Dunbar has been honored by our clients, industry organizations and the State of Ohio House of Representatives for our very successful safety initiatives:


proactive healthcare safety

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Some of our proactive safety measures include:

  • Blood borne pathogens awareness training
    • Hepatitis inoculations for on-site employees
    • Specific health care site training
  • ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) awareness training
  • Northwest Ohio Great Lakes Construction Alliance Mobilization Optimization, Stabilization and Training (MOST) Member
  • OSHA training for all management, foremen and key personnel
  • Approximately 70 Dunbar personnel OSHA 30 Hour Trained Employees
  • Approximately, 80 Dunbar personnel are OSHA 16/10 Hour Trained Employees
  • At least one OSHA-certified competent person on each site
  • Comprehensive new hire safety training required for field personnel
  • Daily and weekly documented inspections
  • Communication to the project team of safety inspection documentation and site issues.
  • Weekly safety tool box talks
  • All required safety equipment is inspected and delivered to the site in good working condition.
  • Field Safety Focus Group.

As a member of the MOST Program, Dunbar is committed to providing a safe work place for those working within the organized construction industry. "Striving to make a zero injury career a reality" remains a primary goal of the Alliance. A workplace unencumbered by the influences of drugs and alcohol is necessary to assure this goal.

Safety at Dunbar Mechanical is reinforced by the MOST Program - Click here for more details


Safety doesn't just happen.

At Dunbar,

Safety is a Commitment

Dunbar plans safety into all of our projects through pre-task planning. Every foreman ensures all details are covered by completing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and documenting this work through the form shown here. This Dunbar initiative goes above and beyond OSHA requirements -- because we want to do what is right, not just what is required. Note the center section which is completed after lunch, when there are frequent personnel and task changes.

Our clients have been impressed by this commitment and have asked for this form to incorporate into their safety programs. Click on the form at left to enlarge it and check out the details!


Dunbar Mechanical featured in Safety Council of Northwest Ohio Newsletter


Environmental Containment Units

Another way we ensure safety is by thinking the way you do: it's all about quality patient care. Your clean environment stays that way when Dunbar is on site working on your systems through the use of our Environmental Containment Units. Designed to protect health care and other sensitive environments from harmful airborne particulates during construction, maintenance and abatement activities, the Environmental Containment Unit is a special part of Dunbar's services for our health care clients.  Read more about

Healthcare Safety through Dunbar Mechanical or click on the box at right.

healthcare safety needs healthcare safety needs toledo ohio

Dunbar has received numerous awards from the Northwest Ohio Safety Council

in conjunction with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Division of Safety and Hygiene.

Our most recent honors include:

  • 2018 Special Award:  For outstanding effort in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace from 9/19/2006 through 12/31/2018 with 6,324,796 hours worked.

  • Group, 100%: For Dunbar Mechanical's efforts in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace.      


Dunbar Mechanical maintains the highest standards in construction safety and stands ready to complete your company's qualifications statements. Additionally, we currently subscribe to the following services per client requests and record the results of our outstanding safety efforts through their systems as well:

Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing)


First, Verify


PEC Premier


We welcome your questions -- especially about our safety efforts -- and look forward to serving you.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has certified Dunbar Mechanical, Inc. as a Lead-Safe Certified firm for all EPA Administered States, Tribes and Territories. Dunbar Mechanical is certified to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting activities.

Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your health care mechanical contracting needs in northern Ohio and throughout Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email info@dunbarmechanical.com. We look forward to working with you soon.

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