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Your facility's systems were put in place as the building was completed -- or at some other time in mechanical testing servicesthe past. But your healthcare environment has evolved and chances are good that what you need today is very different from what the system was designed to provide. You may have moved departments around, re-configured spaces as your service options have grown and changed traffic patterns to adjust for changing patient needs. You may be serving a different patient demographic with varying needs and have many more people working in your facility now than when it was first built. If saving money on your energy costs and providing the most comfortable healthcare experience possible are important goals for your organization, call the experts at Dunbar Mechanical about our Retro-Commissioning services today. Kevin Armstrong, show in the photo here, can answer your questions and would like to help you increase the efficiency of your systems. Kevin can be reached at 419-537-1900, ext. 209.


What does Retro-Commissioning do for you?

As your Contractor, Dunbar Mechanical's Retro-Commissioning services will

  • optimize the performance of your facility
  • verify and document that HVAC and other key building systems are performing correctly for today's needs
  • reduce energy consumption
  • improve the energy performance of your building
  • can help you achieve LEED certification and improve the Green operations of your facility
  • ensures your staff knows how to operate your systems in the most effective manner
  • improve environmental quality through
    • greater thermal comfort
    • regulated indoor/outdoor air mix
    • the elimination of "hot spots" and "freezer burn" areas
  Retro-Commissioning is all about how the system operates and performs. The process ranges from very simple changes to highly detailed alterations with the bottom line always in focus: saving money through optimum system performance.

Because the maintenance of your system is so important, Dunbar Mechanical's Retro-Commissioning services include your maintenance personnel in the process. By training your staff in the updated operations of the facility we ensure your investment in our services has the best long-term return on your investment.

When to Retro-Commission?

Retro-Commissioning is typically sought out when an unusually high utility bill is received or in response to operational problems in a facility. If you are facing any of these issues it's time to call Dunbar Mechanical:

  • Unsatisfactory System Performance. Are your systems performing as expected? Have there been unexplained increases in building energy use in the recent past?
  • Occupant Discomfort. Do people have two sweaters on in your office? Have complaints been increasing about being too cold (or too hot)?
  • Changes to the Facility. Have you added operations? Moved walls? Changed office configurations? Added heat-generating equipment? Have other changes been made to building systems that have not been verified or documented?
  • Critical Area Concerns. The performance of the building systems to your healthcare operations is extremely important to the success of your patient care. How often should this performance be verified? Are the tolerances for systems operations in your specialized areas being maintained? Let us help answer these questions through our retro-commissioning services and our test/balance expertise.

How does Retro-Commissioning differ from Preventive Maintenance?

On-going maintenance is important (so much so that we have an entire division devoted to this Service) and the focus in preventive maintenance is to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency through regular checks, cleaning and filter changes. Retro-Commissioning provides a comprehensive tuning of your entire operations efficiency by testing and documenting all equipment and controls, sequences, relationships and the dependencies between systems. Dunbar Mechanical helps your business run more smoothly by ensuring your mechanical systems work as intended.



Generally employed as new facilities are moving from construction into operation, Dunbar's test / balance / commissioning services get your new healthcare facility running with optimal performance. Dunbar Mechanical's commissioning and testing services monitor, test, evaluate and document the operation and function of the facility's critical systems.  Through testing and failure scenarios, the commissioning process assures the systems are functioning as designed. By initiating the commissioning process at the beginning of every Dunbar project, we ensure that each facility operates as intended. Not all buildings allow for proper air and water flow. We test and balance the system to make sure the air and water flows evenly, keeping the building at a constant comfortable temperature.

Dunbar's commissioning and testing services can provide your facility with five major advantages and performing these services is imperative to assure:

  1. Building Operational Safety
    All installed equipment is operating in accordance with design specifications.
  2. Energy Savings
    Dunbar tests the mechanical systems for optimum performance.
  3. A Healthy Environment
    The professionals at Dunbar Mechanical make sure that the intent of the engineer’s design to exhaust contaminants and/or introduce air is not compromised.
  4. Maximum Comfort
    Dunbar sets systems to achieve the appropriate air and water volumes, velocities and distribution.
  5. Sustainability
    This service assures your facility is operating in a “green” fashion. It is also required for LEED certification.

Dunbar’s commissioning, test and balance efforts are led by Kevin Armstrong, LEED AP. A LEED-certified professional with 20+ years of industry experience, Kevin is recognized as the premier provider of these services in Northwest Ohio and
Southeast Michigan. Kevin also earned certification as a Commissioning Process Management Professional (CPMP). This certification confirms Kevin’s capabilities to verify and enhance the productivity of buildings operating systems. This certification is one of the first awarded in the United States by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Kevin had to meet strict eligibility requirements and pass an extensive exam. Kevin is also a Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCP). This certification is awarded by the College of Engineering at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, after successfully completing their commissioning coursework.


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Dunbar Mechanical has our customers’ needs in mind and provides best of class service. We are more than a specialty contractor; we are your contractor. Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your mechanical construction needs in northern Ohio and Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email We look forward to working with you soon.


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