Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio
Offices in Metro Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus


Dunbar Mechanical brings you an experienced workforce of

knowledgeable, skilled professionals with vision.

"Our people are what I'm the most proud of in this company..."

-- hear it in Steve Dunbar's own words:

Dunbar Mechanical’s strongest asset can not be measured on paper or added to our balance sheet. Our people are our greatest resource and your solution to difficult project solutions. Together we are Dunbar Mechanical, your northwest Ohio / southeast Michigan mechanical contractor with the experience and the expertise to get the job done right.

Dunbar Mechanical is proud of our skilled and knowledgeable staff and the work that they do on job sites in Ohio and Michigan everyday. Our people make us more than a specialty contractor, they make us the contractor. The experience we offer every time you select Dunbar Mechanical as your mechanical contractor includes:

  • 15 project managers with a combined total of 263 years of Dunbar experience.
  • 50 foremen with 732 combined total years of Dunbar experience.
  • More than 200 craftsmen in the field with peak employment at over 400.
  • 54 knowledgeable office personnel with numerous specialties from accounting and bookkeeping to computer operations and administration.

Dunbar Mechanical is one of the largest employers of plumbers and pipe fitters in northwest Ohio. Quarterly foremen-staff meetings held offsite ensure ongoing, field-office communication, reinforce Dunbar’s safety requirements and celebrate successes. At Dunbar Mechanical, we work hard to ensure we stay at the top of our field as your contractor.

Dunbar Mechanical’s most recent Employee Service Awards celebration honored 112 employees for their 1,779 years of service! Since our founding in 1936, Dunbar Mechanical has always understood our most valuable asset is our people and the intellectual capital they bring to our operations. While no one here is simply a number, Dunbar is proud of the longevity of our employees and we share the following statistics supporting our appreciation for all who carry out our mission to be customer driven, fair and predictably excellent:


Years of Service    Number of Employees Years of Combined Service
5-9  40 289
10-14   23 304
15-19 18 336
20-24  16 252
25-29 5 131
Over 30 10 367
    1,779 Total


SpecialD services begin with very special people who make Dunbar Mechanical’s work possible. As a sub-contractor on a difficult emergency re-build project we were pleased to hear the following comments from the Construction Manager:

Skip did an excellent job. He is easy to work with and very knowledgeable – which is something you don’t always get when you’re traveling around the country like I do. Dunbar’s great performance has gotten them more work, too. We hired Dunbar to help with an ethanol plant in Michigan – and that speaks volumes coming from our company.


Celebrating Milestones

Guy Seymour was honored at a retirement luncheon in May 2015 for 40 years of Service to Dunbar Mechanical. Guy's career highlights include being the mastermind of
"The Seymour" a breakthrough solution enabling mixing procedures for one of our chemical industry clients.
He will be fondly remembered for his dedication,
insights and attention to detail.

2015 Retirees Ron Autullo (left) and Guy Seymour are shown here at Dunbar's April Foreman/Staff Meeting.

Ron served Dunbar as a Superintendent, Foreman, Pipefitter and Plumber for over 19 years, specializing in Commercial work. Guy began his career with Dunbar as a Pipefitter and used his hands-on skills as the foundation for countless estimates and bids over the years.


May 2013 -- (from left) Dan Hugueley, Mike Rumer, Steve Dunbar, Theresa Nichols and Mike Killen

celebrate Dunbar anniversaries with warm thanks for their service followed by cake and ice cream.

Dan Hugueley and Mike Rumer (on left) are 25-year Honorees

Theresa Nichols and Mike Killen (on right) are lauded for 20 years of service.

President Steve Dunbar (center) noted many of the contributions all four have made

in their combined 90 years of service with Dunbar Mechanical.


Steve Taylor (left)


Ron McComas

celebrate their retirements

as announced

at Dunbar's

Foreman/Staff Meeting

on February 28, 2013.

Steve was a member of our Commercial Group, working as a Foreman on many Dunbar projects over the last 18 years.

Ron served Dunbar Mechanical for 15+ years as an Operator.

Both men were noted to be a "great assets to the company" and were thanked by President, Steve Dunbar.


2013 Service Awards Celebration Highlights

45 Year Honors
30 Year Celebrants
25 Year Accolades
20 Year Honors
15 Year Celebrants
10 Year Awards
design build services
5 Year Honors
piping fabrication skids toledo piping fabrication skids nw ohio
piping fabrication skids se michigan
piping fabrication skids maumee


Dunbar Mechanical strives to provide best of class service

by being more than a specialty contractor -- we are your contractor.

For piping, plumbing, boilers, rigging, conveyors, HVAC, 24-hour service,

commissioning, building automation systems and more

in northern Ohio and Michigan call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today

at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email info@dunbarmechanical.com.


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