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Dunbar Mechanical's aseptic piping services are in demand from coast to coast.

For over three decades Dunbar has been a supplier of quality mechanical services for the food processing industry. Twenty-five percent of Dunbar’s annual volume is for food processing clients. Cients who have enjoyed our aseptic piping services in Northern Ohio and throughout Michigan also request our work for their facilities across the United States.

To provide lower cost, improve quality and shorten schedules for our food clients, Dunbar developed an isolated aseptic quality fabrication area within our manufacturing plant.

Dunbar provides maintenance, renovation/retrofit and new construction services to our food clients. At the request of several clients, Dunbar has traveled coast to coast, bringing our food processing expertise to many of their plants.

food processing mechanical services nw ohioSome of our food processing clients include:

  • Anheuser Busch
    • California
    • Colorado
    • New Jersey
    • Ohio
  • Campbell Soup
  • Church & Dwight
  • Coca Cola
  • ConAgra
    • California
    • Ohio
    • Tennessee
  • food processing mechanical services se michiganDiamond Crystal Brands
  • H.J. Heinz
    • Iowa
    • Ohio
  • Interstate Brands
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • Mennell Milling
  • Pepsi Cola General Bottlers


Anheuser Busch - Columbus, Ohio

  • food processing mechanical services perrysburgDunbar provides new construction, retrofit and maintenance services for the Columbus Brewery.
  • Renovation of Busch’s Line 50 pasteurize. 
  • A new conveyor system was installed for Line 25 and Line 75 for the palletizing system.
  • Dunbar installed a new robot on Line 55 multi-packaging system for bottles and cans.
  • Installed new full case packer, modified in-feed and discharge conveyor – Line 55.
  • Modified platforms and fabricated new platforms for lines
    50 and 55.
  • Installed new chiller.
  • New CO2 system.
  • Ammonia system modifications.
  • BERS system modification and addition.
  • Bio-Energy recovery system.
  • CIP piping.
  • Adjusted water system addition.
  • Steam and condensate piping modifications.
  • Carbon filter water system addition.
  • Bulk gypsum system modification.
  • Grain unloading system improvements.
  • Degasifier modifications.
  • Instrument air revisions.
  • Beer release manifold.


Anheuser Busch - Fairfield, California.

  • Installation of new grain delivery system.
  • Piping to new brew kettles to new building.
  • Installation of spent grain transfer system.


food processing mechanical services maumeeAnheuser Busch - Newark, New Jersey

  • Total renovation of yeast piping system.
    • Automation of system.
    • Installation of new valve station modules.
    • Installation of vertical fermentation piping.
  • Construction of Michelob Ultra product system.
    • New product line for Newark plant.
    • New piping.
    • New modules.
  • New C-I-P piping.


food processing mechanical constructionAnheuser Busch - Ft. Collins, Colorado

  • Installed new spent Diatomaceous Earth vessel and piping with building modifications for recovery system.
  • Currently installing new modules and process piping in yeast and wort process systems. Relocating, reconfiguring and installing new vessels in existing areas.




ConAgra - Archbold, Ohio

food processing mechanical construction nw ohioThe ConAgra Archbold plant has been a most valuable customer for Dunbar Mechanical for approximately 15 years.  Work Dunbar has successfully performed for Archbold includes:

  • Renovation of wines and ingredients systems.
  • Load cells and piping modifications to cook kettles.
  • New cooling tower water system.
  • Soup line ingredient system including bin dump, tanks, pumping systems and instrumentation.
  • New master kitchen.
  • New dry ingredient handling system.
  • New Clean-In-Place system.
  • Cooker heat recovery system.
  • Rice noodle fryer replacement.
  • Ladders, platforms modifications.
  • New fresh meat line.
  • New air compressor.
  • Steam injector replacement.

Dunbar continues to be involved in a variety of small capital and maintenance projects.

food processing mechanical construction se michiganConAgra - Fullerton, California

  • T-100 evaporator capacity expansion installed.
  • Manwich® line.

ConAgra - Helm, California

  • 75,000 pound per hour steam boiler installation.
  • Tomato paste pouch systems.
  • Various utility piping systems.
  • Process evaporator.

ConAgra - Marion, Ohio

  • Miscellaneous piping and material handling projects to improve the efficiency of the prop corn
    plant operations.

ConAgra - Memphis, Tennessee

  • New line for Wesson Oil. 
  • Piping systems.
  • Packaging and  conveying systems.

ConAgra - Newport, Tennessee

  • One of the key contractors for the complete renovation of this facility.
  • Responsible for the following aseptic systems:
    • Vinegar system
    • Sucrose system
    • Batch deck, tanks and pumps
    • Hopper/blender systems
    • Clean-In-Place system
    • Paste recovery system
    • Paste unloading

aeseptic piping fabricationConAgra - Oakdale, California     

  • T-200 Evaporator and all associated equipment installation.
  • New and modified bin fill system.
  • Material handling systems.
  • Pneumatic control system.
  • Sauce line.
  • Installation of temporary boilers with pipe modifications.
  • Miscellaneous process piping.

ConAgra - Perrysburg, Ohio

  • Mechanical maintenance and small project provider for pudding plant.
  • Installed all five Snak-Pak® pudding lines.
  • Clean-In-Place system.
  • Milk storage and delivery system.
  • Tomato paste storage and delivery system.
  • Tomato product packaging lines.
  • Ammonia refrigeration for pudding lines and spiral freezer.
  • Steam boilers for powerhouse.

ConAgra (Orville Redenbacher) - Rensselaer, Indiana

  • All process piping, manufacturing equipment and material handling for new
    popcorn plant.

ConAgra (Orville Redenbacher) - South Bend, Indiana

  • Installation of new popcorn line.

ConAgra (Orville Redenbacher) - Valparaiso, Indiana

  • Production line renovation and retrofit.
  • Oil storage and delivery system.
  • New microwave popcorn line installation


aeseptic piping fabrication aeseptic piping fabrication nw ohio



Campbell Soup - Napoleon, Ohio   

    aeseptic piping fabrication se michigan    

  • Stork cooker installation.
  • Juice conveyor system.
  • Oxidizer regeneration installation.
  • Glass container line.
  • New “Splash” process.
  • Vegetable waste.
  • Ammonia refrigeration modifications.
  • Installation of celery and onion bulk handling and distribution.
  • Installation of new carrot and potato sort/dice systems.
  • Installation of pumped/conveyed potato and carrot handling system.
  • Installation of bulk chemical distribution system.
  • Installation of meat and vegetable handling equipment for new filling line.
  • Installation of ribbon blending soup process kettles equipment, utility and process piping.
  • Fabricated utility and process piping to reinstitute V-8 operations after roof cave-in.
  • Piping systems for ten retort cookers.
  • Modification to ASME kettles to add probes.
  • Process piping and process equipment for new packet lines.
  • Installed new chilled water system.
  • Miscellaneous piping


aeseptic piping fabrication aeseptic piping fabrication bowling green



           Southeastern Container - Bowling Green, Ohio   

Dunbar Mechanical has travelled across the country with our clients, bringing our expertise to their locations. With our customers’ needs in mind we provide best of class service as more than a specialty contractor. We are your contractor. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email We look forward to working with you soon.

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