piping services
Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio
Offices in Metro Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus


Full-service mechanical construction including
piping, HVAC, plumbing, rigging, material handling systems, test/balance/commissioning,
building automation systems, 24-hour service and MORE!

This listing of our services is not complete until you visit our "About Us" page to learn what makes us more than just a specialty contractor. While this information provides a line card of our offerings, the real difference in is HOW we perform the following:

What we do for you:


Green Energy Solutions from Dunbar's Service Group

Dunbar Mechanical's

Energy Savings Assessment

is a key step in optimizing the performance of the

energy-consuming systems

in your building

and ensuring that all aspects of energy waste are addressed.


Dunbar Mechanical always has our customers’ needs in mind and we provide best of class service. Dunbar is more than a specialty contractor; we are your contractor. Contact the experienced professionals at Dunbar Mechanical for all of your construction needs in northern Ohio and throughout Michigan. Call Don Yerks, Director of Marketing today at 419-537-1900 ext. 242 or email info@dunbarmechanical.com. We look forward to working with you soon.

rigging servicesAt Dunbar Mechanical, our mission is to be customer driven, fair and predictably excellent, with a commitment to employee growth.

We will provide best of class service, quality and value.

Because of our mission to be predictably excellent, Dunbar has maintained
ISO Certification since August of 2000. We complete 34 internal audits per year of 24 different processes (that equates to one audit every 1.5 weeks!) and two audits are completed by a certified outside ISO auditor every year. Dunbar has received only one finding of non-compliance to our ISO system in the past decade -- an outstanding tribute to our employees and Dunbar's commitment to our mission.

Dunbar Mechanical Overview (2 pages - .pdf file)





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